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DIY vs hiring a professional


You know you need a website so you start searching for DIY website builders. There are so many to choose from.. where should you start?

Consider the following before investing the time and energy into learning how to build a website yourself.

  1. Effective websites are no longer just a basic web page published online. The internet has grown exponentially in the last five years alone. To be relevant in today’s competitive market you must drive traffic to your site and encourage your visitors to stay when they arrive. This is accomplished through many factors, only one of which being site speed. Studies have shown that 32% of consumers will start abandoning slow sites between one and five seconds.
  2. A professional web designer knows you need to optimize your site for search engines, engage visitors with incentives, create dynamically interesting web pages to keep your visitors’ attention, conform to cross browser compatibility by creating mobile-friendly sites, set up and integrate social media to drive more traffic, keep the site fresh and updated with a focus on user experience.

These are just some two, among many, reasons it’s best to go with a professional when planning to take the leap online. Most businesses do not have the extra time that’s necessary to learn everything that goes into developing a relevant web presence. There is too much to learn and digital landscapes are changing everyday – so leave it up to a trusted professional to help you market your business online.

Get in touch today, let’s discuss your site requirements.

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KNDS has been immersed in the realm of digital marketing since 2012, boasting a distinguished academic background in graphic design coupled with a plethora of prestigious digital marketing certifications. Continuously abreast of the cutting-edge advancements in both digital marketing and design, KNDS epitomizes a consummate professional at the forefront of industry innovation.


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