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Examples of Great Branding


Two examples of great branding

A great brand is not simply the act of designing a website to appeal to largest audience possible. If you want to succeed in digital marketing, you first have to understand what makes branding so important.

A company’s brand is important because a successful one can send more qualified leads down the sales funnel. But an unsuccessful one will have the opposite effect, turning prospective customers and clients off. Companies with an effective brand strategy that’s focused on the customer experience, on average, drive revenue that’s 10% higher than their competitors.

An effective brand identity doesn’t start and end with a website. A website is necessary to convert leads into customers, but there are many stages along the sales funnel that are impacted by the company’s brand. From your design assets, to your social presence, a strong visual identity instantly communicates who you are, what you’re about, and why people should want to buy from you.

When someone thinks about a company they want to buy from, it’s usually because they were positively influenced by its brand strategy.

Alternately, a weak brand identity can degrade your customer’s experience. It’s easy to assume that just because you have a visual identity—logo, colors, typography—that it is effective. But if your brand identity is disconnected, inconsistent, or an inaccurate reflection of your company’s voice and values, you aren’t telling a cohesive brand story. That makes it harder for your brand to connect with, and establish a relationship with, your target audience.

The following companies illustrate why great branding is important, to not only connect with their audience but also establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

1. goop

goop has taken over the internet with a brand identity that speaks directly to their target audience: women who are passionate about their health, happiness and well-being.

They are focused on providing their audience with an experience that inspires and informs them to live well and achieve their goals.

This approach has established them as a brand that cares. They encourage women to read, listen, watch and shop the things that matter. They curate media and content that speaks directly to this aim, making them a leading lifestyle brand.

“We recommend what we love and what we think is worthy of your time and wallet. We value your trust above all things.”



IKEA has long been known as a company that sells modern, inexpensive furniture to budget-conscious young consumers.

As the cheap furniture market became more competitive, they broadened their brand identity with a focus on sustainability and human rights. This enabled them to alter their perception in the minds of consumers as not just another fast-furniture manufacturer.

They now connect with their audience by speaking directly to their buyers’ values and interests. This approach has fostered trust, which continues to show why they are a leader in the home furnishings industry.

“There’s so much to know about IKEA beyond our low-price furniture. From our sustainable sourcing of cotton and wood, to our stance on human rights; what it’s like to work for IKEA, to our democratic design approach.”


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the notion of a great brand extends far beyond the aesthetics of a well-designed website. While an appealing online presence certainly plays a pivotal role, true success in the digital realm hinges on a deeper understanding of the essence of branding.

Brand identity is the cornerstone upon which successful marketing strategies are built. It encompasses the unique values, personality, and story that distinguish a company from its competitors. In essence, it is the promise that a business makes to its customers—a promise that extends beyond products or services and resonates on a deeper emotional level.

One of the key reasons why branding is paramount in digital marketing lies in its ability to foster trust and credibility. In an era where consumers are inundated with options, establishing a strong brand identity can serve as a beacon of reliability amidst the noise. Through consistent messaging and visual elements, brands can cultivate a sense of familiarity and loyalty, thereby forging lasting connections with their audience.

Moreover, effective branding facilitates differentiation in a crowded marketplace. By articulating what sets them apart, companies can carve out a distinct niche and position themselves as leaders within their industry. This differentiation not only attracts customers but also serves as a barrier to entry for competitors, thereby bolstering long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, branding serves as a compass for decision-making across all touchpoints of the customer journey. From product development to marketing campaigns, a clear understanding of brand identity ensures alignment and cohesion, thereby enhancing overall effectiveness and resonance with the target audience.

However, perhaps the most compelling reason why branding is integral to digital marketing success lies in its ability to evoke emotion and drive consumer behavior. In a landscape where consumer choices are increasingly influenced by subjective factors such as values, aspirations, and societal impact, brands that can tap into these emotions are poised to thrive.

Finally, while a visually appealing website is undoubtedly important, it is but one piece of the larger branding puzzle. To truly succeed in digital marketing, businesses must delve deeper into the essence of branding—understanding its role in building trust, fostering differentiation, guiding decision-making, and evoking emotion. By embracing branding as a strategic imperative, companies can not only capture the attention of their audience but also cultivate enduring relationships that stand the test of time.

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